Starlet XXX, Alina Plugaru thrills in the jungle!

Starlet XXX, Alina Plugaru thrills in the jungle! Alina Plugaru is one of the most incendiary characters, her presence is always associated with an incendiary atmosphere, sexy and without any inhibitions. Although it was not so present in the spotlight lately, XXX starlet was on valiantly and appeared in unpublished poses.

Alina Plugaru

Alina Plugaru is ready to show their wild side and on TV! Adult film starlet accepted the challenge of spending three weeks in the jungle of South Africa, in a show that aims to push more stars to test their limits.

Starlet was willing to accept this challenge and competitors surprised by her appearance. If until now, Alina Plugaru appearance was a sexy and provocative, this time, her image was different.

Dressed from head to toe without leave forms sexy sight, Alina Plugaru seemed a completely different person. Even without makeup, starlet can boast a natural way, no wrinkles and imperfections.

Alina Plugaru Porn Star

Alina Plugaru Confessions! How she did deal with her father and what it is the biggest regret of her!

Alina Plugaru Confessions! How she did deal with her father and what it is the biggest regret of her! Alina Plugaru likes to recommend that women who dared to bring sex without veil”. Nobody, however, knows what really hides behind a career of porn starlet.

Alina Plugaru

Her mother left her when she was only 7 years. Blondie has a brother and a sister and father who raised them all venerated. Her father was a highly respected man. Therefore, when he learned what he does in fact his daughter was a very delicate moment for the whole family.

“I was the person who came and brought sex on TV! At first I supported one! I came out in the press stupid! I was out of the country and a friend told me that I was on the front page of a newspaper in my country Romania, with photo and name, wrote a Romanian porn star in America. On my father was ashamed to call him, I did not call seven months! He was a highly respected man! Then I had to come and do the paperwork, I said you have to come and told me that made me who do not come so long. What do you want to say? I raised to 18 years, now it is. What you say? And that was!”, Alina Plugaru says.

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Alina says she did not want to go to the funeral of her mother, but he preferred to deal with handouts that followed.

“Probably not regret now that I went to look for her mother! Or do not want to accept or simply keep inside me! I am a denial and acceptance, not sure what I would do if I take it from the beginning! 7 O remember, I was too small! At her funeral I preferred not to go, I preferred to need help with something, but I wanted to remember that! My mother had problems with drink and I did not even stand the smell! My father struggled a lot to get our custody, she told Alina.

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