Alicia Rio, porn queen beat drug addiction.

It is said that often make a good celebrity drug use and, in some cases, lead to perdition. Here, however, they sometimes fail to defeat the character and ambition. And the next story is more than a simple life porn actresses. Alicia Rio, in itself, is more than a porn star. It is called “Queen XXX”, appearing in over a thousand productions of gender. She entered the industry at just 20 spring and, in 1994, already passed the 200 appearances terminal.

Alicia Rio

Reached a peak of celebrity who would not go down again. Dozens of players have passed through her bed, Alicia doing a passion for sport practitioners king. But destiny had to give it first hand. Was married the wrong person. However, the chosen of her heart, Steve Houston, a former cop who loved since she was 14, had become addicted to cocaine. And in November 1996, was closed for several years. The reason, one morning, wanting to take his wife to the airport, entered the car in a couple out on the street. Just when he saw the dead bodies of the two managed to wake up in the state they are in. Impending divorce followed. It take again drug and added a new addiction alcohol. How her chosen career dust, lost everything and had practically a homeless man.

“I started drinking. I and drugged. I was lost in a cold town begging for food. Vagabonds offers me coffee and a place to sleep. I was very afraid for my life. She touched practically the lowest point possible says Alicia Rio.

But had to come rescue. In 2001, after several years in which she danced in clubs, returned XXX industry.

I’m Alicia Rio and a name that you must go on”, he said when some manufacturers brunette. And I was convinced! Since then he has done since 800 porn productions, and in 2004 would be rewarded, being included in the hall of fame” of the world adult film industry. For her, drugs and alcohol is a long-forgotten.